VLC Media Player Available For Apple TV

VLC media player where we can play all videos and audios without conversion of files has now available on Apple TV.  Recently VLC launched its official version on Apple TV. It is default available on Apple TV. It is running towards reaching its set goal which is “VLC plays everything such as movies and TV shows and runs everywhere”. The open source version of VLC for Apple TV is now available on Apple Play store.


The VLC version which is launched for Apple TV is supported on TV OS 9.0 or later versions.  It is supported in fourth or later generations of Apple TV’s only. Before devices don’t support this VLC media player. If you want to stream free movies then install Playbox HD App

VLC Media Player features on Apple TV

  1. It plays all formats of Files without conversion.
  2. It is free and open source.
  3. It supports playing multiple audio tracks and Subtitle tracks.
  4. We can adjust the speed of video with playback option.
  5. Play videos from file servers like FTP, SMB and windows share.
  6. Supports HLS, MMS and RTSP network streams.
  7. 64Bit support.
  8. Easily interface from other devices.